Terms & Conditions


the Scheme” – the referral scheme defined below.

the Promoter” – Innovative Franchise Solutions Limited

Franchisee” – any franchisee of the Promoter

GutterPRO” – the Promoter themselves, their agent or Franchisee.

“the Parties” – the Promoter, GutterPRO, the Franchisee, the Voucher Distributor and the Voucher Receiver.

the Site” – the website VoucherRedeem.co.uk

“Job” – The Service or Services carried out by GutterPRO, for a customer pursuant to a single booking;

the Customer” – the person for whom the Job is carried out and who pays GutterPRO.

Job Cost” – The price quoted for a Job to a Customer without any discount pursuant to the Voucher being applied.

the Service” – The discreet services carried out by GutterPRO in the course of carrying out a Job for any customer comprising inter alia ‘GutterPRO Clean’ or ‘GutterPRO Clear’ services each being a discreet service.

the Voucher Distributor ” – The person, following on from receiving the Voucher Sheet, goes on to distribute the Discount Vouchers;

the Voucher Receiver” – The person in receipt of the Discount Vouchers

the Discount Voucher” – The printed voucher, bearing the Discount Code (or such clear electronic or photographic copy of the printed voucher, provided always that the copy shows clearly both sides of the original voucher including all original information dates and codes) that offers the holder a discount of £5 on a Job, carried out by GutterPRO  subsequent to the receipt of the voucher – and valid only for Jobs carried out on or before the date printed on it or in any case before 31 December 2019.

the Discount Code” the discount code printed on the Discount Voucher.

“the Activation Code” the code printed on the Distributor Voucher

the Distributor Voucher” – The printed voucher retained by the Voucher Distributor bearing the Activation Code.

“Referred Customer” –  A Customer who procures and pays for a GutterPRO Job also redeeming a Discount Voucher with the Discount Code originating from the Voucher Sheet bearing Activation Code of the Voucher Distributor, in any manner permitted by the Scheme.

Credit” – The accrual of a credit from the Promoter to the Voucher Distributor pursuant to this proper carrying on of this Scheme

Credit Redemption” – the process by which, the Voucher Distributor may avail themselves, from the Promoter of the aggregate Credit earned via this Scheme in the form of a ‘Marks and Spencer Voucher” (or equivalent alternative) or if elected to do so by the Voucher Distributor a charity donation (to one of the charities listed on the Site) of the same amount.

the Voucher Sheet” – The A3 size sheet containing the multiple Discount Vouchers and one Distributor Voucher

“the Discount” – the invitation to treat made available on the Discount Voucher for use by a Customer pursuant to a Job– the discount being no more than £5 to be deducted the Job Cost for a Job on a subsequent Job.

“the Withdraw Fee” – Should this scheme be withdrawn by the Promoter for any reason whatsoever  then the Promoter will pay to the holder of any Distribution Vouchers or Discount Vouchers, still valid at the date of withdrawal, one penny per voucher, up to a maximum of 10 vouchers (of either type) per claimant, by sending a stamped and addressed envelope to the Promoter’s Registered Office, containing the unused vouchers (not copies) within 3 month of the Schemes withdrawal – GutterPRO will have no liability to any persons for any consequences from the withdrawal of the Scheme, save for the Withdrawal Fee.

Use of Discount Vouchers

  1. Only one Discount Voucher or Discount Code may be redeemed against any Job Cost for any Job carried out by GutterPRO, also, the Discount Voucher may not be used in connection with any other discount or promotion of any type or used retrospectively for any Job already carried out by GutterPRO.
  2. Promotion of GutterPRO via this Scheme, constitutes an “invitation to treat” and not an offer in any way to provide services and consequently places GutterPRO are under no obligation to carry out any Job, or any Job within a specified timescale, and accordingly may decline to carry out any Job (either within a specific timescale or on a permanent basis) for any reason including, inter-alia the location of the Job, the nature of the Job, any commercial considerations of the Job, health and safety considerations of the Job and as and when GutterPRO or otherwise, and in such instance, no recompense (or Credit) is due or owing to any such Voucher Distributor or Voucher Receiver.
  3. GutterPRO remain under no obligation to continue distribute a Voucher Sheet to any Customer and the distribution of Voucher Sheets is at the absolute discretion the Promoter.
  4. Discount Vouchers must be used before the date shown otherwise they will be deemed to expired.

The Voucher Distributor

  1. The Voucher Distributor must activate the Activation Code via the Site within 14 days of the receipt of the Voucher Sheet from GutterPRO or the Activation Code may be annulled at the discretion of the Promoter.
  2. The Voucher Distributor will earn a Credit via the Scheme, every time a participation in the Scheme results in a new and discreet Referred Customer.
  3. The Voucher Distributor may pass on the Discount Vouchers by are reasonable, honest, legal means that does not bring GutterPRO into disrepute or moral turpitude but will immediately desist form any means of Discount Voucher distribution, if requested to do so by the Promoter, including and at their own cost, using their best endeavor to remove any Discount Vouchers from any bulletin board (electronic or otherwise).
  4. The Voucher Distributor may avail themselves of their Credit Redemption, via the Site and on one occasion only and the Promoter will use reasonable endeavor to deliver up the Credit Redemption with 28 days of being requested to do so.
  5. The Voucher Distributor must avail themselves of any Credit within 28 days of the date shown on their Distributor Voucher, and the Promoter will be under no obligation to provide any Credit Redemption after this point
  6. For the avoidance of doubt the Voucher Distributor acknowledges that the GutterPRO nor the Promoter are under any obligation whatsoever to offer any form of cash alternative to the Credit Redemption.
  7. The Voucher Distributor will cooperate with the Promoter in the event that, for the purposes of preventing misuse or fraud, the Promoter additional information from Voucher Distributor (for instance identification) and the Promoter will be under no obligation to provide the Credit Redemption whilst it continues such investigation.
  8. The Voucher Distributor will keep safe their Activation Code for use on the Site, and acknowledges to GutterPRO that they cannot enact Credit redemption without the Activation Code and that GutterPRO will be under no obligation whatsoever to provide a replacement activation code or re advise the original Activation Code in the event of loss.
  9. Save for listing on the Site, the postcode pertaining to any of their Referred Customers the Promoter will not divulge any further detail about any Referred Customers or other Customers.
  10. In the event that the Promoter withdraws the Scheme for any reason their only obligation to an other Party is the payment, if requested to do so, of the Withdrawal Fee.
  11. The Voucher Distributor and Voucher Receiver consent to GutterPRO storing their data and continuing to contact them (by reasonable means at a reasonable time) for the purpose of operating the Scheme or otherwise.
  12. This Scheme is subject to English Law and in the event of dispute the Parties agree to submit themselves to the jurisdiction of an English Court and hereby nominate Birmingham for any such hearing.
  13. The Parties agree that these terms govern the operation of the Scheme and constitute the complete contract, no term can be varied without the written consent of the Promoter.